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/Amish Roots

Born in the in-law quarters of my paternal grandparents’ farmhouse, I lived on a dairy farm at the northern end of Lancaster County, PA, until I was 8-years-old. Growing up part of a conservative community, some of my earliest memories are feeding animals, playing in the barn, and tormenting my twin sisters. After an injury to my father forced him to sell the farm, we moved to an area with non-Amish neighbors, who helped expand my horizons.

Although I joined my father and others in traditional barn-raisings and attended a private Amish school until the eighth grade, I became more aware of the world outside our community and more intrigued by it.

Never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up.

- Amish Proverb -


/What I do

At 16, I took my first construction job as a laborer with a local post frame construction company and quickly climbed the company ranks. I was baptized into the Amish Church in 2005, and in 2008, at the age of 21, I founded Quarry View Construction with my father and brothers. It wasn’t always easy–especially after my wife, Linda, and I left the Amish Church in 2013–but with her by my side and our two wonderful children to inspire us, we made it through successfully. Today, my passion is helping others, serving my community, and raising a family.

Pray not for easy lives, but for stronger backs.

- Amish Proverb -


/My Interests


I saved most of the money from my first job at a horse auction until I had enough for a pony of my own. After three months of training, I sold the pony for a $450 profit. I bought another and repeated the process. After that first transaction, I knew business was my calling. Between founding Quarry View Construction and serving as a social marketing business coach, I have been fortunate to make a good living and pass my knowledge on to others.


On rides to and from job sites, I would listen to talk radio with my coworkers. I began to become more interested in world affairs and improving the world around me. When my boss offered me the opportunity, at 16, to attend my first political event–a visit from George W. Bush at the Lancaster Airport, I jumped at the chance. I’ve since become very active politically, including my most recent role as outreach director for AmishPAC.


My wife, Linda, and I were married in 2011, and our first child, Andrew, was born in 2013. My daughter, Lilyana Nasia, came along in 2014. After immersing myself in books, I realized I had to choose between the tradition and familiarity of Amish culture or living a life of significance through God away from it. Although we are no longer part of the Order, my wife and I retain many of the teachings, values, and principles of the Church.

Greatness lies not in trying to be somebody but in trying to help somebody.

- Amish Proverb -


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If you agree that we need the Amish vote to win key swing states like Pennsylvania, please let me know by taking the one-question, AmishPAC poll.

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Pride in your work puts joy in your day.

- Amish Proverb -


/Press Mentions

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May 29

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Amish PAC vying for conservative votes


Amid the green pastures of northern Indiana County, nearly 3,000 Amish live their plain and simple lives, rejecting the trappings of modern life, maintaining rigid conservative views on everything from…

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Jul 2


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